The MBW 5000B Motor Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Warranty is designed to reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially expensive mechanical repairs

Available on vehicles less than 150,000 km’s and 10 years of age at the time of sale.

Available for  1, 3 & 5  year coverages


$5000 per claim

Components Covered

Engine Covered Components are:
Engine block (if damaged by internal components), balance shaft, balance shaft bearings, camshafts, camshaft bearings, internal bushes, connecting
rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft main bearings, oil pressure relief valve, oil pump, cylinder wrist pins, piston rings, gudgeon pins,
pistons, crank thrust bearings, air pump, throttle cables, meshing timing gears only.
Automatic Transmission Covered Components are:
Internal lubricated components including clutches, bands, bushes, planetary gear set, bearings, solenoids, clutch drums, transmission pump, valve
body, apply pistons, shafts, external mechanical components including inhibitor switch, speedo transducer, vehicle speed sensor, torque converter,
transfer case and transmission case if damaged by a covered component (specifically excluding selespeed systems) only.
Manual Gearbox Covered Components are:
Internal lubricated components including input shaft, output shaft, main shaft, cluster gearset, syncro rings, syncro hubs, internal bearings, roller
bearings, internal thrust bearings, selector forks, internal selector arms, external mechanical components, pedal box, speedo transducer, vehicle
speed sensor, reverse light switch, transfer case linkages, transfer case and transmission case if damaged by a covered component (specifically
excluding selespeed systems) only.
Differential Covered Components are:
The internal lubricated parts only, crown wheel and pinion, pinion bearings, carrier bearings, hemisphere, axle hub bearings, axle shafts, bushes,
limited slip clutch pack only.
Cooling System Covered Components are:
Water pump (impeller shaft, bearing and bushes), electric engine cooling fan, viscous fan hub, fan blades, thermostat, heater tap, coolant level
sensor only.
Electrical System Covered Components are:
Starter motor, alternator, voltage regulator, windscreen wiper motor, rear window wiper motor, windscreen washer pump only.

Braking System Covered Components are:
Brake booster, brake master cylinder, front and rear brake calipers, brake caliper slide pins, proportioning valve, brake accumulator only.
Air Conditioning Covered Components are:
Compressor, compressor bearings, compressor clutch, condenser, evaporator, air conditioning pressure switch (specifically excluding gas, leakages,
pipes, hoses, thermostat, receiver dryer and tx valves) only.
Drive Shafts, CV Joints & Universal Covered Components are:
Drive shafts, universal joints, centre bearings, tail shafts, slip joints, tail shaft coupling, cv joints (specifically excluding cv dust boot) only.
Steering System Covered Components are:
Power steering pump, power steering rack and pinion, power steering box (specifically excludes rack ends and rack boots) only.
Fuel Management System Covered Components are:
Electrical and mechanical fuel pumps, diesel injector pump, fuel pressure regulator, map sensor, airflow meter, oxygen sensor, suction control valve,
fuel pump relay (specifically excluding fuel injectors and injection service items) only.
Power Window Motors & Switches Covered Components are:
Power window motor, power window master switch, power window regulators (specifically excluding sunroofs) only.
ABS Braking System Covered Components are:
ABS actuators, electronic module, wheel speed sensors, abs accumulator, steering angle sensor only.
Radiator Covered Components are:
Engine cooling radiator, radiator expansion/header tank, coolant overflow bottle only.
Electronic Ignition System Covered Components are:
Ignition module, ignition coil, crank angle sensor, hall effect sensor, cam position sensor, knock sensor, ignition amplifier, throttle positioning sensor,
ignition switch, push-button starter switch only.
Engine Computers Covered Components are:
Engine control module, cruise control actuators and cruise control sensors only.
Electronic Transmission Computers Covered Components are:
Transmission computer, power train control module only.
Turbo Covered Components are:
Turbo impeller, internal bushings and bearings, turbo housing, turbine wheel, wastegate, turbo actuator (this cover only applies to factory-fitted
turbochargers) only.
Clutch Covered Components are:
Clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, clutch fork, clutch cable (specifically excluding clutch plate, pressure plate, throwout bearing) only.
Cylinder Head Covered Components are:
Cylinder head, lash adjusters, inlet valves, exhaust valves, pre-combustion chambers, valve guides, valve seats, valve springs, valve collets and
retainers, hydraulic lifters, rocker shaft only.
Electronics & Electro-Mechanical Covered Components are:
Electric boot release, fuel flap release solenoid, rear demister switch, power mirror switch, hazard light switch, headlight switch, mirror motors,
windscreen wiper arms and linkages, interior light switch, courtesy light switch only.
Other Covered Components are:
Cylinder head gaskets and seals will be replaced only when such replacement is required in the normal course of repair of a covered component


Available on vehicles less than 150,000 km’s and 10 years of age at the time of sale.

Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide

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You have the comfort of knowing that if you change your mind, you can cancel your product within the first
30 days and receive a full refund, provided no claims have been made.