The Endurance Option 4  Motor Vehicle Warranty is designed to reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially expensive mechanical repairs

Available on vehicles up to 8 years of age and up to 120,000klms

Available for  1, 3 & 5  year coverages


$7000 per claim (stepped claim limit)

Components Covered

Engine up to $7,000
Automatic Transmission up to  $7,000
Manual Gearbox up to  $7,000
Differential up to  $7,000

Turbo up to  $7,000
Cooling System up to  $2500
Electrical System up to  $2500
Braking System up to  $2500
Air Conditioning up to  $2500
Drive Shafts, Universals up to  $2500
Steering System up to  $2500
Fuel System up to  $2500
Power Windows up to  $2500
ABS Braking System up to  $2500

Radiator up to  $2500
Ignition System up to  $2500
Computers up to  $2500
Clutch up to  $2500
Cylinder Heads up to  $2500
Suspension up to  $2500

Transmission Computers up to $2500


Available on vehicles up to 8 years of age and up to 120,000klms

Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide

Integrity Warranty


You can choose to pay the Premium by instalments to help spread Your payment over time. This facility is not part of the Product Terms and Conditions
as it is an additional service provided by a third-party provider, independent of the warranty provider. Additional administration charges will apply to use this facility;
therefore the cost will be more than if You choose to pay the full Premium by a single payment. The third-party provider will provide all disclosure
documentation for Your perusal and acceptance if You select this payment option.



You have the comfort of knowing that if you change your mind, you can cancel your product within the first
30 days and receive a full refund, provided no claims have been made.