Caravan & Camper Trailer Warranty

Caravans are not just vehicles; they’re mobile homes that provide comfort and convenience on the go.

Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, having peace of mind about your caravan’s protection is crucial.

That’s where caravan extended warranties step in. These warranties go beyond the standard manufacturer’s coverage, offering added protection for a range of mechanical and electrical components.

hey provide assurance against unexpected repair costs and help you enjoy your caravanning experience with confidence.

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Australia Wide

Caravan extended warranties provide peace of mind by offering comprehensive coverage Australia wide, so you’re covered in the event of an unforseen mechanical breakdown.


You can have your Caravan serviced and repaired through your preferred and trusted licenced mechanic or take it to the nearest Franchise Service Centre. 

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Unlimited Klms

Caravan extended warranties feature unlimited kilometres so you are covered for weekend use through to longer journeys without having to worry about kilometre restrictions.

Roadside Assist

Warranty Finder features comprehensive 24/7 Roadside Assistance package covering your caravan for flat tyre, metro and country towing and emergency accommodation.

Warranty Options Available

Level 1

Available on Caravans up to 12 years of age at time of purchase

This warranty provides coverage up to $2500 per claim

Level 2

Available on Caravans up to 7 years of age at time of purchase

This warranty provides coverage up to $5000 per claim

Level 3

Available on Caravans up to 5 years of age at time of purchase

This warranty provides coverage up to $10000 per claim

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Warranty Covers for used caravan and camper trailers.

Whether buying through a Dealership or Private Sale, Warranty Finder offers extended warranty options for caravans and campers.

When purchasing a caravan from a dealership, opting for an extended warranty from Warranty Finder offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

With no restrictions on mileage and the benefit of unlimited claims, caravan owners can travel worry-free, knowing that their van is safeguarded against unforeseen  issues.

This comprehensive warranty guarantees continuous coverage, regardless of usage patterns, allowing you to make claims with no excess. Warranty Finder’s commitment to delivering strong extended warranty solutions for caravans for dealership sales enables customers to fully enjoy their travel experiences without concerns about unexpected repair expenses.

When purchasing a caravan through a private sale, the extended warranty provided by Warranty Finder serves as an essential safety measure.

With no limitations on kilometres travelled and the ability to make unlimited claims, owners gain assurance against unforeseen mechanical problems.

This warranty remains valid regardless of usage patterns, enabling owners to make claims without hesitation. Warranty Finder is committed to providing reliable extended warranty solutions for privately sold caravans, emphasising the brand’s excellence and dependability. Private buyers can travel with peace of mind, knowing that their warranty shields them from potential repair expenses.

Why use Warranty Finder?

Warranty Finder belives in transparency for customers when purchasing caravan and camper trailers.


In a commitment to providing transparent and cost-effective solutions for customers, we offer discounted warranty coverages that ensure buyers aren’t burdened with high sales commissions typically associated with dealer warranties.

At Warranty Finder, we believe in putting the customer first, and our discounted warranty options reflect this dedication. By bypassing excessive sales commissions, we empower customers to make informed decisions about their warranty coverage without compromising on quality.

This approach not only provides financial relief to buyers but also fosters a trusting and positive relationship between our company and our valued customers. With our discounted warranty offerings, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage, all while avoiding the unnecessary financial strain associated with high dealer warranty commissions.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Warranty Finder takes immense pride in delivering exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Our dedicated customer service team is committed to providing prompt, reliable, and personalised assistance to address any queries or concerns.

Whether you’re navigating through our warranty options, inquiring about coverage details, or seeking support during a claims process, our knowledgeable and friendly representatives are always ready to assist.

We prioritise clear communication, ensuring that customers feel supported and informed at every step. With a customer-centric approach, Warranty Finder strives to make the warranty experience seamless and stress-free, reinforcing our commitment to delivering not just quality coverage but also an outstanding level of service that puts our customers first.

Caravan Types Covered

  • Caravans: Whether you have a classic caravan, adventure, 5th wheeler or a modern, spacious model, we have warranty options that fit.
  • Pop-Top Caravans: Don’t let the smaller size fool you – we’ve got warranties designed to keep your pop-top caravan rolling smoothly.
  • Camper Trailers: Enjoy the great outdoors with the reassurance that your camper trailer is covered against unexpected breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

A caravan warranty is a contract provided by the manufacturer or a third-party provider that covers repair or replacement costs for certain components of the caravan in case of mechanical breakdown or failure.

The duration of a caravan warranty can vary widely. Typically coverages range from 1 through to 5 years.

Caravan warranties often cover essential components such as the chassis, bodywork, electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, and sometimes even the caravan’s structure.

Yes, there are typically two types: manufacturer warranties provided by the caravan maker and aftermarket warranties offered by third-party providers.

Yes, common exclusions can include wear and tear, damage from accidents or misuse, cosmetic issues, and modifications made outside the manufacturer’s specifications.

Manufacturer warranties often cannot be transferred to subsequent owners, but aftermarket warranties can be transferred to the next owner.

Take your caravan to the nearest service centre, arrange a quotation and contact the warranty provider.

Warranty Finder researches different warranty providers helping you to compare options in order to make an informed decision before purchase.

No, the extended warranties have no excess.

Yes, the extended warranties can commence at the end of your caravan manufacturers warranty, providing you additional coverage from 1 to 5 years. 

Yes, the extended caravan warranties not only cover dealer sales but also auction and private sales. It’s important to follow due diligence when buying a second hand caravan to make sure it’s in sound mechanical condition, including the floor and roof structures.

Aftermarket extended caravan warranties are additional coverage plans that you can purchase for your caravan beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

These warranties are offered by third-party providers like Integrity Warranty and Australian Warranty Network (AWN) and are designed to provide peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected mechanical breakdowns and repairs.

Design and Features:

Aftermarket extended warranties for caravans typically cover a wide range of components and systems, including the chassis, bodywork, electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, and more. The design and features of these warranties vary depending on the provider and the specific plan chosen.

Some plans may offer comprehensive coverage similar to the manufacturer’s warranty, while others may have more limited coverage options.


Practicality and Versatility:

One of the key benefits of aftermarket extended warranties for caravans is their practicality and versatility. They can be purchased for both new and used caravans, providing extended coverage beyond the standard warranty period. This can be especially beneficial for older caravans or those purchased through private sales, where the original warranty may have expired or may not be transferable.


Private Sale and Dealership Sale:

Aftermarket extended warranties are available for caravans purchased through both private sales and dealership sales. For private sales, these warranties can be a crucial safety net, providing coverage against unexpected mechanical issues that may arise after the purchase. For dealership sales, aftermarket extended warranties can be an added incentive for buyers, offering additional value and peace of mind.

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Integrity Warranty and Australian Warranty Network (AWN):

Integrity Warranty and Australian Warranty Network (AWN) are reputable providers of aftermarket extended warranties for caravans. They offer a range of warranty plans with different coverage options and terms to suit various needs and budgets. These providers often have a network of authorised repair centers where caravan owners can take their vehicles for covered repairs and services.

 Aftermarket extended warranties for caravans provide practical and versatile coverage options for both private sale and dealership sale scenarios.

They offer peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected mechanical breakdowns, making them a valuable investment for caravan owners seeking additional warranty coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Warranty Finder doesn’t compare every product in the market. The products available for comparison through Warranty Finder may vary over time. Not all products from Warranty Finder’s providers are included in the comparison, and due to various factors like location or availability, not all compared products may be accessible to all customers. Some products and special deals might only be accessible through Warranty Finder’s call center or website.