The Toyota 86 is a compact sports car that has captured the hearts of enthusiasts and driving enthusiasts alike. Developed in collaboration with Subaru, the Toyota 86 is designed to provide an engaging driving experience, sleek design, and a focus on driving dynamics.

The Toyota Tarago, a nameplate synonymous with family travel and comfort, has been a reliable presence in the world of people movers.

Warranty Options 


Option 1 – $2000 Per Claim

Available on Toyota models with no age or kilometre limit. This warranty provides coverage up to a per claim limit of $2000.

Option 2 – $5000 Per Claim

Available on Toyota models up to 15 years of age with a claim limit up to $5000 per claim.

Option 3 – $8000 Per Claim

Available on Toyota models up to 10 years of age with a claim limit up to $8000 per claim.

Option 4 – Up To Market Value Of Vehicle Per Claim

Available on Toyota models up to 8 years of age with a claim limit up to the market vale of the vehicle per claim.

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A Car Warranty is designed to reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially costly mechanical repairs.

Depending on your policy, a mechanical breakdown warranty can provide cover similar to a new vehicle manufacturers warranty or specified parts and labour costs, as well as offering towing, locksmith and emergency accommodation assistance.

A Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Warranty can provide cover similar to the manufacturers warranty with a claim limit up to the market value of the vehicle. Lower claim limits can offer specified parts cover up to a nominated policy claim limit.

Accommodation assistance can provide emergency accommodation if your vehicle suffers a breakdown more than 150klms from home.

No excess is payable on warranty claims

Toyota extended mechanical warranties offer unlimited claims up to a maximum total claim limit of the market value of the vehicle.

Abarth Extended Mechanical Breakdown Warranties can provide additional benefits such as:

Accommodation Assistance

Car Hire Assistance

Towing Assistance

Locksmith Assistance


Yes, if you change your mind within 30 days of purchasing the warranty, you will be offered a full refund as long as you have not made any claims.

If you sell your vehicle, you can transfer the remainder of the warranty to the new owner.

Design and Features:

The Toyota Tarago has evolved through various models and generations. Notable years include the fourth generation (2006-2019). The Tarago boasts a sleek and aerodynamic exterior, with sliding rear doors for easy access to the cabin. Inside, it offers versatile seating configurations, ensuring ample space for passengers and cargo. The interior is adorned with modern features, including infotainment systems and comfortable seating.

The Toyota Tarago, a nameplate synonymous with family travel and comfort, has been a reliable presence in the world of people movers.

Practicality and Versatility:

The Tarago excels in providing practicality and versatility for families and travelers. With multiple seating options, including third-row seats, the Tarago can accommodate up to eight passengers. The flexible seating layout allows for easy customization to cater to both passengers and cargo, making it an ideal choice for various transportation needs.


While the Tarago prioritizes comfort and space, its performance is commendable for its class. Equipped with capable engines, the Tarago offers sufficient power for city and highway driving. The vehicle’s smooth handling and suspension contribute to a comfortable ride for all occupants.

Driving Experience:

The Toyota Tarago delivers a comfortable and relaxed driving experience, particularly suited for long journeys or urban commutes. Its spacious cabin and supportive seating ensure a pleasant ride for both the driver and passengers. The elevated driving position provides good visibility, making it easy to navigate through various road conditions.

Extended Warranty Options:

Owners of the Toyota Tarago have the option to secure their investment with extended warranty plans from reputable providers like Integrity and AWN Warranty. These warranties offer coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected repairs or breakdowns.

The Toyota Tarago stands as a versatile and family-friendly people mover, offering a combination of practicality, comfort, and reliable performance. With its spacious interior, user-friendly features, and available extended warranty options, the Tarago continues to be a popular choice among those seeking a reliable and accommodating vehicle for their transportation needs.