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The Subaru 1600, a hallmark of the late 1970s, continues to captivate Australian drivers with its innovative design, practical features, and reliable performance.

Subaru Hardtop in dunes 1979

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Design and Features:

The Subaru 1600’s design exuded simplicity and elegance, characterised by its sleek lines and understated charm. The vehicle’s exterior was complemented by a well-crafted interior, featuring comfortable seats, user-friendly controls, and a spacious dashboard. Notable features included a reliable heating system, large windows for excellent visibility, and a durable build quality.

Practicality and Versatility:

The 1600 was designed with practicality in mind. Its roomy interior could comfortably accommodate five passengers, and the sizeable boot space was perfect for family outings or transporting goods. The rear seats could be folded down to increase cargo capacity, making the Subaru 1600 a versatile choice for various needs.

Performance and Power:

Equipped with a 1.6-litre engine, the Subaru 1600 delivered solid performance with commendable fuel efficiency. The vehicle’s powertrain was renowned for its durability and low maintenance requirements. Its front-wheel-drive system ensured good traction and stability, making it a reliable companion on both city streets and rural roads.

Driving Experience

Driving the Subaru 1600 was a smooth and enjoyable experience. The vehicle’s well-tuned suspension absorbed road imperfections with ease, while the precise steering provided confident handling. Its compact size allowed for easy manoeuvrability, and the robust build quality instilled a sense of safety and reliability.

Models Introduced to Australia

In Australia, the Subaru 1600 was available in several models, including the sedan, wagon, and coupe. Each model catered to different lifestyles and preferences, offering a range of features and configurations to suit various needs.




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Extended Warranty Options:

Owners of the Subaru 1600 can benefit from aftermarket extended warranty options through providers like Integrity Warranty and the Australian Warranty Network. These warranties offer extensive coverage for parts and services, ensuring that the vehicle remains in optimal condition and providing peace of mind for the owner.


The Subaru 1600 stands as a testament to Subaru’s commitment to quality and innovation. Its timeless design, practicality, and reliable performance make it a beloved classic among Australian car enthusiasts. With available extended warranties, the Subaru 1600 continues to be a dependable and cherished vehicle for years to come.