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Design and Features:

The Kia Pregio, introduced in the late 1990s, is a robust and utilitarian van designed primarily for commercial use. Notable years include its debut and subsequent updates. The design of the Pregio is focused on functionality, with a boxy exterior providing ample interior space for cargo and passengers. The interior is designed with practicality in mind, featuring durable materials and ergonomic controls. While the emphasis is on functionality rather than luxury, the Pregio offers essential features such as air conditioning, power steering, and comfortable seating for occupants

Practicality and Versatility:

The Kia Pregio excels in practicality and versatility, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals needing a reliable workhorse. Its spacious cargo area can accommodate a variety of goods, making it suitable for deliveries, transportation services, and other commercial purposes. The van’s sliding side door and rear barn doors enhance accessibility, while the configurable seating options allow for passenger transport as well.

Performance and Power:

Powered by a durable diesel engine, the Kia Pregio delivers adequate performance for its intended use. While not designed for high-speed or sporty driving, it offers sufficient power and torque for urban and highway driving, especially when loaded with cargo. The focus is on reliability and efficiency, ensuring a dependable performance over long distances.

Driving Experience:

The driving experience in the Kia Pregio is straightforward and functional. The van’s responsive handling, comfortable seating, and well-insulated cabin contribute to a pleasant driving experience, particularly for drivers who spend long hours on the road. The Pregio’s suspension is tuned for comfort, providing a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces.



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Aftermarket Extended Warranty Options:

For owners seeking extended warranty coverage, options are available through reputable providers such as Integrity and the Australian Warranty Network. Extended warranties offer peace of mind by covering unexpected repair costs beyond the standard warranty period. This is particularly beneficial for commercial vehicles like the Pregio, ensuring continued reliability and reducing potential downtime.


The Kia Pregio is a reliable and versatile van that excels in practicality and functionality. Its spacious interior, durable performance, and available extended warranty options make it a dependable choice for businesses and individuals in need of a capable work vehicle.