BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is a renowned Chinese automotive manufacturer that has made significant strides in the global automobile market.

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BYD extended warranties provide peace of mind by offering comprehensive coverage Australia wide, so you’re covered in the event of an unforseen mechanical breakdown.


You can have your BYD serviced and repaired through your preferred and trusted licenced mechanic or take it to the nearest BYD Dealership Service Centre. 

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Unlimited Klms

BYD extended warranties feature unlimited kilometres so you are covered for simple daily commutes through to longer journeys without having to worry about kilometre restrictions.

Roadside Assist

Warranty Finder features comprehensive 24/7 Roadside Assistance package covering your vehicle for flat battery, towing, emergency fuel, car hire, flat tyre and so much more.

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Warranty Covers for BYD models

Whether buying through a Dealership or Private Sale, Warranty Finder offers extended warranty options for BYD vehicles.

BYD Dealer Sale Extended Warranty

When purchasing a BYD from a dealership, Warranty Finder’s extended warranty is exceptional! It provides you with protection and peace of mind.

You won’t have to be concerned about the number of kilometers you drive, and you can make unlimited claims as necessary. This warranty ensures that your car is covered no matter the circumstances.

Warranty Finder is dedicated to providing you with excellent extended warranty choices for your DYD for car dealer sales. This allows you to enjoy your drive without worrying about repair expenses.

BYD Private Sale Extended Warranty

When purchasing a BYD through a private sale, Warranty Finder’s extended warranty is crucial.

With no mileage restrictions and the ability to make unlimited claims, BYD owners can have peace of mind regarding unforeseen mechanical issues.

This warranty remains effective regardless of your driving habits, giving you the freedom to make claims as needed. Warranty Finder is dedicated to offering dependable extended warranty options for privately sold BYDs, highlighting the brand’s quality and reliability.

Why use Warranty Finder?

Warranty Finder believes in transparency for customers when purchasing BYD vehicles.


At Warranty Finder, we focus on making BYD vehicle warranties transparent and affordable. We provide discounted warranty plans to help customers steer clear of the steep sales commissions often seen with dealer warranties.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction means we always prioritse your needs. With our discounted warranty options, you have the freedom to choose coverage that suits you best without the burden of high fees.

This customer-centered approach builds trust and positivity. Our discounted warranties offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind, without the hefty financial burden of dealer commissions.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Warranty Finder is proud to offer top-notch customer service that exceeds expectations for BYD vehicle owners.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing fast, dependable, and personalised assistance for any questions or issues regarding your BYD Warranty.

Whether you’re exploring our warranty options, inquiring about coverage specifics, or needing help with a claim, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are here for you.

We prioritise clear communication to ensure our customers feel supported and well-informed throughout the process. With our customer-focused approach, Warranty Finder aims to make the warranty experience smooth and hassle-free, showcasing our dedication to not just quality coverage but also exceptional service that always puts our customers first.

Frequently Asked Questions

A BYD extended warranty is a service contract that provides additional coverage for mechanical and electrical components beyond the standard warranty period.

A BYD extended warranty typically covers major components such as the engine, transmission, drivetrain, electrical systems, and more. It may also include roadside assistance and other benefits.

The duration of a BYD extended warranty can vary, but it usually extends coverage beyond the original factory warranty for an additional period, such as 1 to 5 years

Yes, you can purchase a BYD extended warranty even after buying the car, although there may be certain eligibility criteria and time limits for doing so.

You can buy a BYD extended warranty through Warranty Finder.

Yes, in most cases, BYD extended warranties are transferable to subsequent owners, which can enhance the resale value of the vehicle.

The benefits of a BYD extended warranty include peace of mind from unexpected repair costs, access to BYD-certified technicians, and additional services like roadside assistance.

Like any warranty, a BYD extended warranty may have exclusions or limitations on coverage, such as wear and tear items, routine maintenance, and certain aftermarket modifications.

Yes, BYD extended warranties often come with a cancellation policy that allows you to cancel the warranty within a certain period for a refund, minus any applicable fees.

To make a claim under a BYD extended warranty, you typically need to contact the warranty provider, provide details of the issue, and follow their claim process.

With a strong focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and innovative technology, BYD vehicles have garnered attention for their design, features, practicality, performance, and aftermarket extended warranty options through Integrity Warranty and Australian Warranty Network (AWN)

Design and Features:

BYD vehicles are designed to be sleek, modern, and aerodynamic, incorporating advanced features that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. From compact city cars to spacious SUVs, BYD offers a diverse range of vehicles tailored to meet various consumer preferences. Interior features often include premium materials, ergonomic designs, advanced infotainment systems, and cutting-edge safety technologies.

Practicality and Versatility:

One of the key strengths of BYD vehicles lies in their practicality and versatility. Whether you’re commuting in urban areas, embarking on long road trips, or seeking eco-friendly transportation solutions, BYD cars cater to a wide range of needs. Their EV lineup, in particular, offers eco-conscious drivers the convenience of zero-emission driving combined with impressive range and charging capabilities.


BYD vehicles are equipped with efficient drivetrains and powerful electric motors that deliver impressive performance and power. The company’s EVs boast quick acceleration, smooth handling, and responsive braking systems, providing a dynamic driving experience while maintaining a focus on energy efficiency.

Engine Size

BYD introduced its electric vehicles to the Australian market in recent years, with models such as the BYD Tang SUV gaining popularity among environmentally conscious consumers. The specifics of engine size may vary depending on the model, as BYD primarily produces electric and hybrid vehicles that differ from traditional internal combustion engines.

Aftermarket Extended Warranty Options

Integrity Warranty and Australian Warranty Network offer aftermarket extended warranty options for BYD vehicles, providing customers with added peace of mind and protection against unexpected repair costs. These extended warranties typically cover a range of components and systems beyond the standard manufacturer warranty period, ensuring that BYD owners can enjoy their vehicles with confidence.

BYD vehicles combine innovative design, advanced features, practicality, and eco-friendly performance, making them a compelling choice for modern drivers. With aftermarket extended warranty options available through Integrity Warranty, BYD owners can enjoy enhanced protection and reliability throughout their ownership experience