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iCREDIT was founded by Scott Collins & Matt Lynch back in 2012 with the focus on providing a simple and streamlined process for Australian’s to gain competitive, affordable financing solutions

Since then, iCREDIT has grown and evolved to establish itself as a forerunner in consumer & commercial finance; with selected dedicated finance consultants and an established lender base, we are well positioned to offer finance options tailored in the best interests of our customers.

iCREDIT aims to provide our customers with transparent loans suitable to their needs and financial situation, all whilst delivering the highest level of personal service honestly and fairly. Whether buying for business or personal use; iCREDIT can help you find the car, boat, bike, caravan, personal, equipment or machinery finance to suit you, not the bank!

iCREDIT offers financing options throughout Australia, in major cities and regional centres.

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iCREDIT BikePay is committed to responsible lending practices.

Our Responsible Lending Principles form the foundation of our commitment to our customers financial situation and business practices.

What our customers say about us.