Abarth 595


Abarth 595: Unleashing Italian Performance and Style

The Abarth 595, a captivating and spirited model within the Abarth lineup, represents the pinnacle of compact performance and style. Derived from the Fiat 500 platform, the Abarth 595 delivers a thrilling driving experience with its potent engine, agile handling, and distinctive design cues. In this summary, we explore the exciting journey of the Abarth 595, highlighting its various models and notable years that have solidified its reputation as an icon of performance and Italian flair.

Abarth 595 50 Anniversario Mirafiori


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Available on Abarth models with no age or kilometre limit. This warranty provides coverage up to a per claim limit of $2000.

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Available on Abarth models up to 15 years of age with a claim limit up to $5000 per claim.

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Available on Abarth models up to 10 years of age with a claim limit up to $8000 per claim.

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Available on Abarth models up to 8 years of age with a claim limit up to the market vale of the vehicle per claim.

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2008-2015: The Abarth 500 and 500C Era

The Abarth 595 traces its roots back to the Abarth 500, introduced in 2008. This initial model showcased an aggressive design with unique bodywork, including a sportier front fascia, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. Equipped with a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine, the Abarth 500 offered exhilarating performance, enhanced by its distinctive exhaust note. In 2010, the Abarth 500C variant debuted, bringing the joy of open-top motoring to the Abarth 595 lineup without compromising performance.

The Abarth 500, based on the Fiat 500, marked the brand's renaissance. With its aggressive styling, upgraded suspension, and potent turbocharged engines, the Abarth 500 became an instant hit
2016-2021: Evolving Performance with Abarth 595 Competizione and Turismo

In 2016, Abarth introduced the Abarth 595 Competizione and Abarth 595 Turismo variants, representing the latest evolution of the model range. The Abarth 595 Competizione embodied the pinnacle of performance, featuring upgraded suspension, larger brakes, and enhanced power output. Its aggressive styling cues, including unique alloy wheels and sporty accents, reflected its racing pedigree. On the other hand, the Abarth 595 Turismo offered a more refined and luxurious approach to the Abarth experience, with added comfort features and a distinctive interior ambiance.

2021-Present: The Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro and Monster Energy Yamaha Edition

In recent years, Abarth has continued to captivate enthusiasts with special edition models. The Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro, launched in 2021, paid tribute to Abarth’s iconic “Gold Ring” series from the 1970s. This limited-edition model showcased exclusive black and gold exterior accents, including the scorpion logo, and a distinctive interior design.

Another special edition, the Abarth 595 Monster Energy Yamaha, further exemplified the brand’s commitment to performance and motorsport. Developed in collaboration with Yamaha’s MotoGP team, this edition incorporated racing-inspired elements, including a unique livery, sporty enhancements, and exclusive features.

Legacy and Influence:

The Abarth 595’s legacy lies in its ability to encapsulate Italian performance and style in a compact package. Its distinctive design, exhilarating engine options, and dynamic driving characteristics have garnered a dedicated following among enthusiasts. The Abarth 595’s influence can be seen in the growing popularity of compact performance cars and the continued demand for the Abarth brand globally.


The Abarth 595 stands as a testament to Abarth’s dedication to delivering thrilling performance and Italian flair. Whether it’s the early Abarth 500 models, the upgraded Abarth 595 Competizione and Turismo variants, or the exclusive special editions like the Scorpioneoro and Monster Energy Yamaha, each Abarth 595 model showcases the brand’s commitment to driving pleasure and captivating design. The Abarth 595 continues to ignite the passion of enthusiasts who seek an exhilarating and distinctive driving experience in a compact and dynamic package, solidifying its place as an icon of performance and style.


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Depending on your policy, a mechanical breakdown warranty can provide cover similar to a new vehicle manufacturers warranty or specified parts and labour costs, as well as offering towing, locksmith and emergency accommodation assistance.

A Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Warranty can provide cover similar to the manufacturers warranty with a claim limit up to the market value of the vehicle. Lower claim limits can offer specified parts cover up to a nominated policy claim limit.

Accommodation assistance can provide emergency accommodation if your vehicle suffers a breakdown more than 150klms from home.

No excess is payable on warranty claims

Abarth extended mechanical warranties offer unlimited claims up to a maximum total claim limit of the market value of the vehicle.

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